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Why You Feel Entitled to Pain


So lately you know that most of my post are clean and real. There’s this thing that I’ve been wanting to write about but I just couldn’t put the words together but now I think I’m ready.


I’ve been wondering why some people feel entitled to pain. I know I know, it sounds cliché but it’s something that really got me thinking. We say life is all about choices but some of the things that happen to us are not because of choices we’ve made. We feel like every plan we make is supposed to agree with the universe in someway but it’s not always like that. People get accidents have a leg amputated, someone was born with Down syndrome & some people fight & others decide to break the law. Some of the things I have mentioned above are choices & others are circumstances. It’s okay to feel hurt I’m not trying to say have a heart of stone. NO!! That’s not good for anybody.
You’ve been dating a man who makes you feel very good about yourself for 5 years now he cheated on you, & you are hurt. When people are trying to console you, you want to still feel beat up and be sad about yourself [low self-esteem]. My dear just because you’ve been dating him for 5 years doesn’t make you entitled to that pain. We always want to feel entitled to something they’ll say “I’m supposed to be hurt” [we know but for how long]. You just have to cry a bit & move on but if after years you still feel the pain & hurt, it transforms into bitterness. You plant seeds of bitterness in your life & it grows into every part of your life. You become insecure at work, home & almost everywhere. When people are talking you think they are talking about you. My dear, we know it’s your pain no one can take it but please come out of it. Learnt to see the brighter side of every situation. I bet you’ve seen this so many times it’s so cliché but have you really sit down to check yourself properly? 
A friend betrayed you sometime back so you stopped talking to each other but you visit her Instagram page everyday to check her progress & what she’s up to. If you just check & go at least it’s good news but you start comparing her life to yours which tends to hurt you. Amazingly the people you always have issues with will seem to be doing better than you but in reality maybe you’re far better off. You always want to feel entitled to pain when someone wrongs you, you just won’t let it go. It’s always there. These things are like weeds they’ll develop with all the good things in you. There’s always going to be a competition in your heart “good and bad”, in the end it’ll be a mixture. You’re nice today you’re mean & rude tomorrow. You’ll change, you’ll stop trusting people, you’ll deny yourself of meeting new people & creating healthy relationships that might lead to great networks for the future. Sometimes it’s not that people can’t let go of the resentment but we are just unwilling to forgive. We want to feel entitled to the hurt & we hold on to it for far longer than we should.

Train your mind to be able to deal with things like this. People will always hurt you but that’s not supposed to define you as a human. I mean just because one person hurt you, it shouldn’t block your chances of meeting new people, socializing & being a f*cking human being. 

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