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Teenagers Are Victims To Mental Abuse


Flirting is a lifestyle for teens. Flirting leads to day dreaming and imagination. Teenagers as we are or were hmmm….. did a bit of this. They do this to the extent of telling you they want to Fuck you. Ladies love bad boys who are cute. These same ladies after they[guys who like to flirt] hurt you by playing you like a fool you start saying there are no good guys…meanwhile when you were after that guy[the one who loves to flirt] there was this guy pouring out his heart to you.
Abi you don’t want “kolo guy” so you have to deal with it.
People who I know personally which I won’t mention their names[for a reason about to be known]. They tell me all sorts of things like I don’t mind keeping you warm, I will love to massage you, your lips and mine will meet when I see you, I can hold your boobs for you and I love you. This is something that has become a part of them[they have girlfriends] how will you feel to see your bf saying these to another girl? Will you be insecure or safe?
Speaking as a victim of a playboy. This guy always calling me at dawn [free night] kept pestering me. He wanted my love…. I got tired of having to hear all the I want you’s so I said what the heck let me give him a shot.. when we started going out we didn’t see each other during that period [one week]. During this one week no attention, no more Free night just nothing..at nine free tigo text he will send a message saying “sup Imu”  didn’t care. The most annoying thing was when he asked me to go to a party with him and I need to pick him up. Saying in my head “dude how stupid do you think I am”. I texted him saying am not that stupid find someone else to play with. He never replied he called me sometime recently saying he loves me and blah blah blah and this time it was real LOL dude.
My point wait for the right guy or girl its worth the wait. Don’t let them seduce and deceive you. As teens we can inspire others by setting examples.

Dear Parents, have patience for your children may never know what your chilling are really facing in that part of their daily lives that you don’t see. Take time to understand the magnitude of their challenges and help them through it. Don’t just provide food, shelter and clothes but add love and care. 

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