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Social Media Offers Respect Now


The kind of respect social media gives some people in this generation is overwhelming and sometimes completely unnecessary.

We have embraced social media so well. It is said that the use of smartphones in Africa has increased drastically for the past 5 years. Social media has always been a place where people go to release stress but lately social media has evolved into a place where businesses are established, a place for publicity and amazingly a place for people to rant about their lives & personal issues. I’ve been talking about social media for a while and I talked about how social media influenced the society.

So there’s this new trend on social media where people tend to respect you based on the number of followers you have and the kind of things you put on your pages but the number of followers does the trick.

People do not realize that social media is just a website with an extension which is an app. Social media is now thought as something that gives power and superiority. People will respect you, your brand or your business based on the followers you have. People with a low number of followers for their businesses struggle because the credibility of their business is not trusted because of their low number of followers. I’ve seen my friends start businesses and at the end of the day, they receive messages like your pricing is too high you don’t even have a lot of followers for this kind of pricing. They are not concerned about the quality of goods but rather the number of followers you have. The quality of your products is based on the number of followers you have, I mean this doesn’t make any sense. Your business will suffer if you don’t build your followers.

More respect is also given to the ppl that have a lot of followers. Sometimes they may not have achieved much or not started anything prominent but their followers is enough to get people to talk about them and constantly follow their pages. I’ve seen people become celebrities because of the number of followers they have. This is disturbing but hey this is what is actually happening. This is one of the impacts social media has on this generation there are a lot more to talk about just stayed tuned. I think we need to rethink our developed habits when it comes to social media.

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