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Real Enemies Behind Your Failures


I have heard so many stories about failures and the causes. You are the cause of your failure until you realize this important detail you are not going anywhere. No family members are bewitching you it’s just you. 




Laziness is the quality of being unwilling to work or use energy. I have come across so many people who do not want to go for things but get angry when other people do & succeed. Being lazy is the worst you can do to yourself in this era where people are really putting themselves out there. You can’t expect to do so well when you are not putting in the effort. This is how you become mediocre or even worse you become unproductive. You can not just sit around & wait for things to happen to you, this is a plan to a series of failures.



Most people are waiting for big opportunities to shine or to make an impact or even pursue their career. Opportunities come in different forms sometimes we see some opportunities to be too small for us to go for but what if that opportunity is what will let you reach your goals. You’ll never know because you never took the chance. One thing you should never do is look down on opportunities no matter how small they are. You need to take all that you can get. Small opportunities add up to become big. 


try new things

This is for the people that never want to step out of their comfort zone. If you are one of those people let me tell you that you won’t achieve much just sitting around & waiting for things to start happening to you. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you are likely to achieve other things. 



 Networking can be a difficult task but to be honest with you. It is very helpful if you do it right. You can actually do it wrong so doing it right plays a vital role. We usually tend to not want to be shunned so we go into events & get home with zero contacts. This is a bad habit. We need to network with people more. No one will know who you are and what you do if you just go into events & leave without talking to people. If you own a business or plan to own one, learn to network. 



Perfectionism is an advanced form of procrastination. You can’t wait all year wanting something to be perfect so you never even started in the first place. Perfectionism is one of the things that kills dreams & will lead you out of great opportunities. They plan & plan but can not execute their plans. In the course of planning to be perfect, your ideas might never come to life. I want to let you know there’s no better time to start than now. People have started businesses without much so can you. The more you wait the higher the probability it might never happen. 

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