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Why People Say “Let’s Be Realistic”


Let’s be realistic

what does that even mean ?

I hear this everyday “let’s be realistic”

Like before you tell me to be realistic are you being real with yourself. You pretend to your friends you are living a good life, bragging about things you don’t have & deep down inside you’re struggling with depression, insecurities & Low self esteem and you say let’s be realistic.

FBBE9F0D-793B-4A85-9A64-23256DC5762ASometimes being lost in a place with no hope is what compels and propels people to their potential. You can’t be successful being comfortable. That moment when everything feels so difficult and things are falling apart around you is the time you can identify your purpose. When everything feels so impossible and it feels like you’re stuck in one place & your just not progressing that’s when it’s time for you to make the move, that’s the time to start that business, start that show, start writing that book, taking that trip, putting those ideas together, etc. Some people live & breath depression because people have told them they are not good enough. They are stuck in one place when it’s actually time to move. Most people get stuck in this place get bf/gf, get married in depression, have kids in depression & the sad part is they never knew they had to move out of it. It’s been years & you’re still depressed about what someone said to you, the relationship that didn’t work out, what your parents did to you, that your friend that betrayed you, etc. Its about time for you to move on and move out of depression.

Usually when they say let’s be realistic they are criticizing someone else or try to say you can’t do this or you can’tdo that or you are not good enough. Now before you say let’s be realistic are you real with yourself.

Let’s stop criticizing people with the excuse of being realistic. 

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