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Husband Lies About Virginity To His Wife

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I spotted something very interesting that I think I’ll talk about a bit and put it up for discussion.

Her husband told her he was a virgin before they got married. 3 years into the marriage he brought a 5 year old girl saying that’s his daughter and she’s moving in with them. She doesn’t know what to do whether to accept the child or not ? What do you think about this situation ?

Children are gifts from God. Someone’s mistake shouldn’t affect the livelihood of the child. This child is innocent and doesn’t even know what is happening. I think that our dear lady should accept the child and move on. The man was wrong lying about his virginity and keeping this huge secret from her but I think that once he has gotten the courage to come out with it. It shouldn’t hinder anyone but rather build a stronger relationship and family. She may sore a bit but she should just forgive him and move on.

Let us know what your thoughts are and opinions on this, what do you think she should do ? Accept or reject the child.

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