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The Girl Codes: Uncoded For Guys

We know about guy codes and we’ve heard a lot about it. Do you know about girl codes and are you able to interpret them. Let me help you understand what most girls really mean when they say certain things.

1. I don’t think I’m ready

When you ask her out and she says I don’t think I’m ready guys please just pack all your belongings and leave. She’s never going to be ready. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so she’s letting you down easy. If someone told you this and you are waiting for her, please you are wasting your time. Out of a lot only a few people will actually date you when they say this.

2. Let’s break up

This is a common ideology amongst girls. When they come and tell you let’s break up please it’s a test of your love. Sometimes they just want assurance that you care and love them. This is very common amongst young people. Girls test your love with patience and reactions. Girls are really emotional and they might say this and not mean it. This is known as “emotional hijacking”. When something happens and she says “let’s break up” she could actually mean it but allow her to calm down first before you jump into conclusions. Girls get carried away by their emotions. When a girl tells you let’s break up don’t be quick to act. Allow her to calm down and she will come back to her normal state of mind.

3. I need space

I need space could mean I’m tired of you, I want to rethink this relationship or you are too demanding. This popular phrase “I need space” has one significant meaning which is “break up”. If she keeps saying I need space it means she’s either tired of you or had probably seen someone else she likes. I need space is a red flag, you really need to sit down and talk things out if she keeps saying that she needs space.

4. The silent treatment

Girls like giving “the silent treatment” a lot when there’s something wrong and when you ask them they will say they are fine. The truth is, something is eating them up but they don’t know how to possibly tell you about it. When this happens don’t worry. She will say she wants to be alone the truth is she doesn’t want to be alone she really wants you to be there for her. She might say there’s nothing wrong but she’s just stuck in her mind. Don’t leave her alone in this state. She needs attention.

5. Do whatever you want

When a girl tells you to do whatever you want just stay still. She really doesn’t mean go on and do whatever she will hold you responsible for it. It’s a trap don’t go and do whatever you want. Just remain calm and allow her to calm down. The thing is girls usually say this when they are angry. You might think it’s the perfect time to do whatever you want. JUST DON’T DO IT


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