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Factory reset 2020


Factory reset 2020 is the ultimate guide you need to accomplish your goals this year. I know you have a lot planned for 2020. You’ve planned your year ahead that’s a good thing, made some resolutions & the new year new name project has started running. Okay great I hope you didn’t forget to use factory reset.


factory reset your mind mydailydiane

Have you ever wondered what your life would be if you could just get rid of all the standards society has thought you? Well, I have. What you should look like ? How you should speak, the respect you should give to rich people, what you shouldn’t eat, etc. All these are standards are created by society. 


People are given much more value when they have money than the average person so this way we’re teaching the kids that money is more important than anything else just make money & the rest will follow. You see people who are dedicating to making money & not even bothered about that bad drainage system in their neighborhood. We value money & not people because if this same person with money suddenly doesn’t have money anymore people will not show them the same respect or care anymore. We’re living in a society full of mindset problems. 



 One celebrity decides to feed or give some kids books in a school & suddenly it’s a trending topic on social media meanwhile there are people that are doing this constantly with their own resources yet we are highlight the “important” people & leave the average ones. Celebrities now have so much power because society has classified them as more “important” than the average person. Does this mean the average person is not of value to the society ? What we do now is value the product & not the company that made the product. The world has become so rigid in it’s thinking that we don’t even generate our own thoughts out of what is being presented to us.


 It is like living in a controlled environment. There are problems around us but for some strange reasons people want to focus on entertainment news, what’s trending & which celebrity is the topic for the week. This is disturbing but we can’t do much when it comes to mindsets of people but rather just write articles like this hoping it will reach everyone. Sometimes we are talking about the youth focusing on some certain kind of content but lately even the elders have joined in the trends. The thoughts & actions of people are being skewed to one particular focus but no one really cares much about it. Your mindset is the power you have as an individual you can have money but if you don’t have a proper mindset it’s basically useless to have the money. YOUR MINDSET IS YOUR POWER. 


Unconcerned about the activities that happen around you will lead you into great trouble because you won’t even see it coming because you’re focusing on the other things that give you temporary joy. Did you know the atmosphere in Accra is contaminated & dangerous to our health according to WHO. Do you hear people talking about it ? Let me answer this NO. Let’s be concerned about what is happening around us information is a powerful tool & serves as a great leverage over others so you should always be ahead in information.


Let’s stop the standardized ways of thinking no two minds are alike but lately we see people replicating the same things & producing the same kind of results. Even if that’s the case why don’t we just collaborate & make things better but because of selfishness most people don’t even want to collaborate on a short term projects not to talk of a long term ones. If 5 people can do the same thing on their own & get almost the same results why not let these 5 people come together & build something sustainable over a long period. This act of building things halfway with lack of technical know how has brought about a lot of companies & entrepreneurs that don’t even last. 


  1. Standardized thinking of what things should be think a little beyond the box. 
  2. Self dependency; collaborate with people that share the same vision & have the technical know how that you may not have but need. 
  3. Pompous & won’t ask for help; learn to ask for help when you need it. You can’t know it all. 
  4. Seminars are for a certain kind of people. Seminars are not for a certain kind of people learn to participate in seminars you may learn more than you think. 
  5. Working on things that are not your job. Don’t do the work of someone else learn to stick to your job unless someone needs your help. You will never see a manager of a restaurant washing the dishes he knows how to do it but that’s not his job. Don’t belittle yourself to prove you are humble or you can do it better.

2020 should be flawless when it comes to your thinking, actions & behaviors. Wishing you the best & happy new year. 
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