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Why are we expectant

Have you ever wondered if you have too many expectations I mean we all have expectations, yes it’s important in one’s life to be expectant. Life isn’t easy when you have a lot of expectations. I mean sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to be expectant and other days I feel like I’m not supposed to be. These thoughts keep baffling my mind and it paces my mind on its own going up and down left to right.

Is it okay to have expectations?

An example, when you just graduated from school and you are busily searching for a job, is it okay to expect your parents who we say “have links” to help you get a job and is it right ? There is this sense of expectancy when we know the other person is in the position to help us with what we need. But I think it’s wrong to entirely depend on someone. You may not have options like everyone else but I think you can put in the effort and you may or may not receive the results you are looking for but at least things won’t be the same for you.

The real question here is,

Is it wrong to have expectations ?

I think this question is very difficult to answer but I’ll try as much as possible to elaborate on the clarity of the question and the ideology.

Yes we should be expectant

I mean you can expect good things to come your way but that doesn’t mean that you’ll just sit down and wait for it to happen. You can take some steps that can help your goal be achievable. Expectancy is one of the greatest killers of joy.

Let’s assume you complained about not having money to start up a business to your uncle abroad that is rich and you are expecting him to help you out because he is rich. It’s alright and only natural for your senses to tell you expect some help from him but you need to know you no one owes you anything not even your parents. Just because people may have the resources to help you doesn’t make it their duty to help you. I’ve heard so many people talk about people who have the resources to help them and they didn’t. I know it’s hard and it hurts but what I’m trying to say is don’t be angry when people don’t help you it’s not their duty you are in charge of you life. It is entirely your duty to make things happen for you but if you can’t do that don’t blame anyone for not being there to help you.

Expectation is the number one killer of joy if you are doing it wrongly.

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