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The Girl Codes: Uncoded For Guys

We know about guy codes and we’ve heard a lot about it. Do you know about girl codes and are you able to interpret them. Let me help you understand what most girls really mean when they say certain things. 1. I don’t think I’m ready When…

5 Things Guys Are Doing Wrong Before Dating

Guys there are so many things you are doing wrong before you start dating. 1. IMPATIENT First of all, you need patience to be able to deal with ladies. You are about to date someone’s daughter and you are impatient with her. Yelling at her…

What Social Media Does To People

Social mediaSo this is a sensitive issue right there. I saw a post saying that some people think they have a PhD in Wisdom because they hardly post on social media. ( I agree ) We live in an era where people prefer social media to having

Change of Environment Can Cause Panic

The heat slaps me in my face and I realize I'm outside. How did I get outside? I slept in my bed last night. I can't recall leaving the house. Jez! Unbelievable, unbelievable! I look down and I have no slippers on. I look again and I