Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Be Uncomfortable


Comfort is one of the things that drives people to do the unthinkable. Let me draw your attention to some of the things that are happening.

Comfort is defined as things that contribute to physical ease or well being. Comfort makes people think less or more. When you are comfortable certain things do not move you. This is the state we call the comfort zone. You are probably earning enough to pay your bills and do other things at the moment so on your mind there is no need to get a side hustle.

On the other hand, someone is being forced by conditions to think beyond his situation to find a solution to a life full of poverty. This person also wants comfort. Comfort is tricky, those who have it do not see that they have it and those who don’t, just want to get it. Everyone wants comfort, everyone wants to be comfortable in this life.

Having too much comfort can make you stagnant and having less comfort can make you unsettled so how do we know the right amount of comfort we need in our lives ?

Comfort makes people do crazy things just to get to the point of satisfaction but the truth is that there is no absolute satisfaction. They still crave for more. Comfort is the reason why people will kidnap a child for a ransom. They need the money to provide some kind of comfort for them and perhaps their families. If you are letting your comfort lead you negatively you will end up doing a whole lot of negative things just to get that comfort. When you think about the bigger picture why some people do what they do, it may be hardship, situations and others but it all comes down to comfort. Everyone wants some magnitude of comfort in their lives.

Leave your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is the most dangerous place because it stops you from doing more and pushing yourself to your maximum ability. You need to know that even though you are comfortable now, you do not have to stop there. Keep pushing forward and leave your comfort zone.

Always be uncomfortable

You have to keep moving even if you are from a uncomfortable place you do not have to settle when you get a little comfort. There is so much more you can do and exploit. Do not be your own limitation. Your limitations start in your mind. You can do so much more.

Always be uncomfortable about your present to be able to propel you to do more and better than you did yesterday. How much comfort do you have ? Is it enough to stop and be stagnant ? Quick reminder: even the richest people have not stopped pushing.

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