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10 Affordable Restaurants To Visit


If you are looking for restaurants to make some good memories from, you know I have your back. I have come across so many restaurants some you may know or may not know. This is a restaurant review.

1. Bourbon House Cafe

Popularly known for their jerk chicken and chocolate beverages. It is located at Labone and East Legon (AnC mall). If you are looking for that wow experience with your tastebuds, this is definitely the place to be. If you love chocolate beverages you must visit this place this summer.

Budget per person: 50 cedis

2. Moka Resto Cafe

Moka is a Lebanese restaurant located at Labone. They serve continental dishes. If you love to have tastebuds like me then Moka is right for. Delicious delicacies , excellent customer service from Moka and very affordable food. (Tax not included in budget).

Budget per person: 50 -100 cedis .

3. Capitol

Capitol is located at 5th Circular Rd 19, Cantonments. They have excellent continental dishes. They are known for their popular menu for assorted drinks which comes in different colors. I call them fancy drinks. If you like the fancy drinks and food that people usually post on Instagram. This is it.

Budget per person: 50 – 80 cedis

4. Burgers & Relish

It is located at Osu and East Legon (AnC Mall). If you love burgers like me this is definitely the place to visit. Their menu comes with all kinds of burgers that will keep you dreaming after you have eaten it. It’s that good. If you love cheesy and dripping foods this is definitely the place for you.

Budget per person: 50 – 80 cedis

Menu & Price

5. SunCity Apartment

It is located around the Osu area on the La Road. If you like luxury places and serene environment with good food. This is your stop.

Budget per person: 100 -150 cedis

6. Tip Top Chinese Restaurant

Tip top is located at Osu just opposite the popular Kona. This is a Chinese restaurant if you love Chinese food at very affordable prices this is the place to be.

Budget for 2 people : 100 cedis

7. Citrus Restaurant Lounge

Citrus is located in East Legon near the AnC mall. This place is located in the same building as hair senta. If you love serene and elegance, Citrus is definitely for you.

Budget per person: 50 – 80 cedis

8. Butter Place

Butter place is located at 😊. They serve amazing continental dishes with the best service you can ever get. If you love mouth watering yummy & greasy foods and delicious ice creams that will have you screaming look no further Butter Place has your back.

Budget per person: 60 – 80 cedis

9. Hillburi

One of my favorite hideouts is Hillburi it’s located in Aburi just opposite Little Acre. It’s definitely serene with a nice view of the mountains and vegetation. They have a pool which is open to the public. It’s usually not packed with people and please note they close at 6pm. They serve some excellent food that goes with the environment. They have both local and continental dishes.

Budget per person: 80 – 100 cedis

10. Potbelly Shack

It is located on the Adjiringanor Road. It has become one of the popular places now. They have an awesome menu and there is something for everyone. They are popular known for their variety of hotdogs and steak.

Budget per person: 50 cedis

Please note that the budgets are based on a main meal and suitable drink. I hope this post is helpful. Now you can walk into these places with some confidence.

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