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How to start a blog with no money

How to start a blog with no money is a free ebook to help guide anyone interested in starting a blog with no money. It highlights simple & basic principles of blogging that will enable anyone join the blogosphere no matter the field


There are lessons from the frog 's abilities that we can learn & use them in our daily lives. These lessons are very important in one's life if you carefully study them. Last month, I went for an interview and one of the

Factory reset 2020

Factory reset 2020 is the ultimate guide you need to accomplish your goals this year. I know you have a lot planned for 2020. You’ve planned your year ahead that’s a good thing, made some resolutions & the new year new name project has

Real Enemies Behind Your Failures

I have heard so many stories about failures and the causes. You are the cause of your failure until you realize this important detail you are not going anywhere. No family members are bewitching you it’s just you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN

Don’t Pamper Poverty

We live in a world where all odds are not fair but let me ask what is your situation. How is your situation pulling you back from where you want to be ? We get the fact that life is hard and some people may be more privileged than others.…



Myths about the coronavirus are almost endless with new ones popping up on a daily basis and because of easy accessibility to media these days, it is very simple to lead people astray. These are some of the myths about the coronavirus and


The Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic Predictions on life as we know it.The virus is spreading fast & it’s causing a lot of fear & panic. I bet you’ve seen so many preventive measures to enable you stay healthy & away from the

10 Affordable Restaurants To Visit

If you are looking for restaurants to make some good memories from, you know I have your back. I have come across so many restaurants some you may know or may not know. This is a restaurant review. 1. Bourbon House Cafe Popularly known for…

Social Media Offers Respect Now

The kind of respect social media gives some people in this generation is overwhelming and sometimes completely unnecessary. We have embraced social media so well. It is said that the use of smartphones in Africa has increased drastically…

Why Some Want Gifts And Others Don’t

What are love languages? The Love languages describe the way we feel loved and appreciated. Depending on our individual personality types, we may feel loved differently than how our partners do. Understanding and decoding the love…

The Girl Codes: Uncoded For Guys

We know about guy codes and we’ve heard a lot about it. Do you know about girl codes and are you able to interpret them. Let me help you understand what most girls really mean when they say certain things. 1. I don’t think I’m ready When…


Disability Critic, Be Human!

I have been having some thoughts about people and how we act & treat other people. I had an encounter where a woman was very upset and saying unnecessary things. This woman’s frustration was that, the conductor of the bus she was in


Why are we expectant Have you ever wondered if you have too many expectations I mean we all have expectations, yes it’s important in one’s life to be expectant. Life isn’t easy when you have a lot of expectations. I mean sometimes I feel…

Societal Influence on Our Mindset

Okay so I'm back again with another intriguing thought or let me say a claim. I know from the part of the world I come from, most people measure wealth with the kind of cars people drive. The more expensive your car is, the more money

Why People Say “Let’s Be Realistic”

Let’s be realistic what does that even mean ? I hear this everyday “let’s be realistic” Like before you tell me to be realistic are you being real with yourself. You pretend to your friends you are living a good life, bragging

Why You Feel Entitled to Pain

So lately you know that most of my post are clean and real. There’s this thing that I’ve been wanting to write about but I just couldn’t put the words together but now I think I’m ready. I’ve been wondering why some people feel



Logging out of a relationship is hard. Growing up from the same neighborhood, we had known each other from childhood. Our relationship transgressed from classmates to friends to lovers. We had been together for 10 years plus. Yh l know.

Atta Adwoa Depression

Atta Adwoa Depression is the kind of depression that you get after a serious heartbreak from someone you love. Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.

There Is Always More

One thing I’ve noticed about some of us is we always focus on the more. That didn’t make sense to you I guess. Let me explain, I got 70% but he got 10% more than me. She’s more beautiful, she’s more intelligent, etc. The thing is there’s

Expecting Movie Standards Of Love ?

You can not love someone if you do not love & appreciate yourself. Society is gradually shaping your thinking to believe that you must love your partner more than yourself. If that’s not done then it’s not love. We have been fed with…


Things African Parents Need To Hear

African parents are the best they will love you but discipline you when you do something wrong. The African parent believes more in showing more discipline and showing less love. Let me explain this don’t get me wrong they love you but they…

The Torment After A Bad Relationship

Relationships can be hectic. We will be posting people’s experiences in relationships, personal encounters and confessions from people. Sit tight and stay glued, this is going to be very interesting. “ I am a young lady in level 200 I…

Husband Lies About Virginity To His Wife

Gossips from JodelI spotted something very interesting that I think I'll talk about a bit and put it up for discussion. Her husband told her he was a virgin before they got married. 3 years into the marriage he brought a 5 year old girl…

Teenagers Are Victims To Mental Abuse

Flirting is a lifestyle for teens. Flirting leads to day dreaming and imagination. Teenagers as we are or were hmmm..... did a bit of this. They do this to the extent of telling you they want to Fuck you. Ladies love bad boys who are cute.



The Low cut FloEazy has given way to a blond hair and blond beard FloEazy or as we will love to personally call the new FloEazy, Santa Flo. The wavey Gaad, afrobeat and afropop star posted his new look on Instagram and Twitter, which


These are some series you should have watched by now. Just because we have to stay inside does not mean we can not enjoy ourselves. Here are a few TV series that will change your mood with their zany comedy intense drama and head bluffing

RudestRaster, Artiste Feature

RudestRaster is an upcoming reggae (dancehall) artiste living in Ghana. He is making waves with his tunes in the Ghana music industry. Stage name: Rudest Raster Name: Daniel K Larbi. Age: 26 RudestRaster In an interview with

What Atta Adwoa Means

Atta Adwoa means a lady who breaks hearts. The meaning of the Atta Adwoa song is said to be the painful experience from a lady that broke Bosom P-Yung’s heart. The song expresses a severe heartache from a heartbreak from a lady which has

Volunteering & Interning

This is episode 3 of our podcast which is talking about Volunteering & Interning. Are they the same ? What are the challenges ?  In this episode, we talk about the differences, the similarities and most importantly the challenges. In…